Latest SSTV pictures received on 14.230 MHz USB
Left photo received at N8UAD - Summerfield, NC. Right photo received at KE5RS - Leander, TX.

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Hello All. My name is Mike. My actual QTH (location) is Summerfield, NC.
I am a ham radio operator. I enjoy
SSTV, Packet, and receiving pictures from the LEO weather satellites.
I also have picked up a new hobby, decoding ACARS from commercial aircraft, this isn't really ham radio related
It's interesting to me because I work avionics on commercial aircraft, and ACARS is a system that I maintain.
It's always fun to see one of my systems "in action"
I currently hold a General class Ham license and a General Radio Operators License with ships radar endorsement.

I am also a trained storm spotter.

I log all my HF contacts with N3JFP's Amateur Contact Log, ARRL's Logbook Of The World (LOTW),, and EQSL where I have "AG" (authenticity guaranteed) status.

Please QSL Direct, and via LOTW and EQSL if you use them.

I do reply to SWL reports, they must include who I was talking to, the Freq, and the UTC Date/Time

incorrect SWL reports will be ignored or rejected.

I Can normally be found on the 80, 60, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, or 10 meter bands on HF.

I can be occasionally found on the following HF nets:

The Maritime Mobile Service Network on 14.300 MHz

The YL system on 14.332 MHz

The Brothers Net on 7.192 MHz, I am a member #495

The night watch net on 7.192 MHz

OMISS nets on 3.942, 7.185, 14.290, 18.158, or 21.355 MHz, I am a member #8966

3905 Century Club nets on 3.902 and 7.185 MHz

The Freewheelers Net on 3.916 MHz

The HHH Net on 7.190 MHz

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